Reorganized and start to start with aiming of a long voyage in the Boteli Valve Group-2017 Annual Recognition Conference

Date:2018-06-15 09:26:42 click:2735

In order to summarize the work in 2017, commend advanced work and seriously plan the work in 2018, Boteli Valve Group held the annual recognition conference of  year 2017 on Feb.5th,2018.

On the conference, the outstanding team and staff of 2017 and other advanced individuals in technological innovation, such as new product R&D and patent work, were honored and rewarded. The past year 2017, the company in the fierce competition in the industry has obtained valuable results, for the bid in CNPC, Sinopec and other large projects, at the same time in the foreign trade has achieved a certain market share.

 Chairman of the board of directors of the company Mr. Huang made an important speech. Boteli as the valve industry association unit, Zhejiang province, undertakes the responsibility of the enterprise is not the same as with other valve, we carry more difficult social responsibility, we don't forget to beginner's mind, focus on doing the valve, for the society, the role model for the industry, leading the industry informatization and intelligentize. All the members work together to achieve our future dream.

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