Boteli's Women's Day tourism activity for female staff

Date:2018-06-15 09:30:32 click:2687

On International Women's day,March 8th,our company organized female workers to have a trip on Chinese Overseas  Hometown - Qingtian.

There are many landscapes in Qingtian,our female workers were attracted by the beautiful natural scenery, and took  photos, leaving their own shadows in the green hills, and the fatigue of work was swept away.In addition, the female workers visited the village of Bo wen gu, the Stone Gate Cave, the Qingtian Stone Carving Museum and the famous Qiantian Imported Market.

Our company organized this activity to enhance the friendship between the female worker, enriched the life of the worker, made female worker to feel the love of the company, with more full of spirit, in the ordinary post with wisdom and sweat to create the good result, in the plain of life to create a happy life with enthusiasm and hard work.

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